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31 March 2023


You’ve switched to summer time, the thermometer is rising (a bit) and your fashion desires are starting to smell like spring. That’s good, with our favorite designers too, how to smell good on sunny days. And one of the trends that we like the most at the start of the season is flowers! Here’s how to succumb to this joyful print in 5 easy-to-wear ideas.

How to wear flowers with a grunge style

Did you think that flowers imposed a bohemian or girly style? Think again ! The maestro of grunge and rock got into it! Chris Leba, the designer of R13 gives us a destroy version with a shortened vest with deliberately threadbare edges. To wear with jeans of the same brand or on any basic to give it an offbeat look.


How to wear flowers with a 70s style

Take a trip back in time with Isabel Marant and her flower power print dress. A stone’s throw from seventies kistch, the floral pink print of the dress is ultra-trendy! We love mixing it with other fashionable pieces like Saint-Tropez sandals, a quilted jacket or cowboy-inspired boots.

How to wear flowers with a bohemian style

If there’s one piece to adopt this season, it’s the quilted jacket! Ultra trendy, it is the new version of the denim jacket! More bohemian and generally more colorful, the floral jacket is THE piece that boosts a look in the blink of an eye. We put on our basics without asking questions, and presto, we put on the jacket. On everything: short dress, long dress, jeans, printed skirt, denim shorts etc. You only have the right to crack once this summer? This will be it!

How to wear flowers with an ethnic style

Like an air from the other side of the world, flowers bring a real ethnic softness to your silhouettes. Thanks to this kimono jacket designed from an old silk sari, the flowers here have the role of a passport. They take us away from home. We love to mix them with other colors, to celebrate summer, the sun, the pleasure of being stylish. Every day we start again!

How to wear flowers with an ultra chic baba cool style?

Thanks to its patchwork design, the Alix of Bohemia pants give a super hip cool style, but the beauty of its patterns and the incredible preciousness of its fabrics make this casual model a super chic piece. Like anything is possible! Stay yourself and keep a super chill style while being the most elegant of the assembly with these unique pants that will go with absolutely all your wardrobe.

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