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14 June 2021

How to wear a kimono this summer? 5 looks to get there

The 70s are in full swing, tie-dye print is more fashionable than ever, and kimonos are at the forefront of the fashion scene! You are not dreaming, we are well in 2021! You too, you’re dreaming of these more or less long double-breasted silk jackets? Don’t move, we have 5 looks for you.

#1 Solar minimalist

Once acquired, the kimono is a fairly strong piece of your wardrobe. So you won’t need to do a lot of effects to show it off. Simple but very effective idea: go for a total white look for the summer. The climax of elegance, the set of jeans and white tank top will allow the kimono and its colors to give a solar scale to your look. Olé! kimono robe 1235

Kimono Hand.So.On Kimono Robe 1235

Isabel Marant Etoile Tee-Shirt KOLDI Uni White

Tee Shirt Isabel Marant Etoile Tee Shirt KOLDI - Uni White

r13 denim permanent boy skinny white riot

Jeans R13 Denim Permanent Boy Skinny - White Riot

#2 Urban chic

The kimono has many qualities and among them, it has the one of being able to blend into our daily life. In summer, we like to put on our basic pieces without asking any questions. Black jeans, a versatile but pretty tank top, and comfortable and feminine sandals. Our city uniform in a nutshell. To sublimate all this, we slip into a silk kimono that acts as a summer blazer, light as air and which brings light and a little color. In the evening, you can tie it up and change your jewelry for a more sophisticated look … voila!

kimono 972

Kimono Hand.So.On Kimono Robe 972

R13 Denim Permanent High Rise Skinny Black Marble

Jeans R13 Denim Permanent High Rise Skinny - Black Marble

k jacques corentin pul noir

Sandals K.Jacques Corentin - Pul Noir

#3 Bohemian cargo

Dare to mix styles and combine trends! Have fun! Your XXL bohemian kimono with seventies accents, dare to wear it with a cargo outfit with revisited military inspirations. In a bohemian khaki and orange palette, your look will breathe summer and assumed relaxation.

kimono long

Kimono Hand.So.On Kimono Long 1476

ragdoll la racer back tank army green

Tee Shirt Ragdoll LA Racer Back Tank - Army Green

pantalon r13 Harem cargo olive

Trousers R13 Denim Collection Harem Cargo Pant - Olive

#4 Acidic casual

Play the color card and enhance your XXL kimono by wearing it with bright colors, basic denim shorts, sandals with thin iridescent straps … better than a coat or a jacket, the kimono flies in the wind by following all your movements. It embodies summer, wear it without moderation!

kimono long

Kimono Hand.So.On Kimono Long 1573

r13 denim collection boyfriend short holly

Shorts R13 Denim Collection Boyfriend Short - Holly

k jacques ellada metyl champan

Sandals K.Jacques Ellada - Metyl Champan

#5 Casual elegance

Revisit the concept of elegance with an XXL kimono. Wear it casually closed directly on the skin like a wrap dress with comfortable sandals and a chunky necklace. Sublime in a color that highlights your tanned skin, the kimono is worth all the little black dresses and sequined dresses in your closet. Your elegance is fluid and easy. And then, tomorrow morning, you will wear that kimono again over your shorts with a white t-shirt. It was definitely a good idea to buy it! kimono long

Kimono Hand.So.On Kimono Long 867

Gachon Pothier Collier Gold Amulettes

Necklace Gachon Pothier Collier Gold Amulettes

harpo bracelet manchette 3 turquoises blue thunder brbt

Jewels Harpo Bracelet - Manchette 3 Turquoises Blue Thunder BRBT

All kimonos are unique pieces. Unfortunately, once “Sold Out”, they won’t be restocked.

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