12 January 2023

How to adopt magenta, the pantone color of 2023?

Each year, it is THE color that punctuates trends and fills the shelves of boutiques. Whether we like to follow it or not, the Pantone color of the year reflects trends, the spirit of the times, the range of colors in which we want to take refuge, almost the fashion mood in which we are. . 2023 will be Magenta! Here are 6 ultra easy pieces to adopt it without delay.

Golden Goose glitter sneakers

Easy to wear, Golden Goose sneakers almost give the impression that you are not wearing pink… well, magenta! Thanks to their voluntarily used leather and effortless chic style, they are perhaps the ideal accessory to get into the color of the year and wear them every day. Read the rest of the article anyway, but here you already have a first (super) idea!

An Isabel Marant pink check jacket

Here, we go really frank! Magenta (the darkest part of the tiles) is associated with flashy fuchsia which is the other ultra trendy color of the moment. This jacket therefore has two fashion advantages: it is undeniably an accessory that makes you look good, and in winter, you don’t spit on it. And she ticks the box of the two trendiest colors of the moment. Not to mention the fact that it is objectively hot and probably super comfortable. Don’t throw away any more, she’s adopted!

An Isabel Marant printed top

Magenta can be adopted in a completely discreet way and in small touches, it works too! The ideal for that is prints, like here with this Isabel Marant blouse which subtly helps us wear magenta. That way, we get used to the idea slowly, we adhere to it quietly, and at the end of the season, we get a total look!

A necklace like a talisman signed Sharing

Magenta is open-minded! You can totally wear it through jewelry, it will even be even brighter for a first approach. This Sharing necklace has a superb main stone that will give character to all your looks. Now is the time to adopt it.

A charm bracelet signed Coco Luna

As discreet as it is cute, the Coco Luna bracelet is really made for those who want to go easy on the magenta color. Featuring multiple pink pearls including the super magenta trend of the year, it gives a pop and chic touch to your wrist. We wear it every day, we forget it and one day we say to ourselves “oh, I would like more of this color in my life”. And voila !

A charm necklace signed Gachon Pothier

At La Grande Boutique, we love bohemian silhouettes, traveling souls, passionate people who have lived a thousand lives… by adopting this necklace, you are part of it! With multiple medals, each cuter than the other, it allows you to get ultra soft in magenta. Like a little trophy brought back from a trip, it gives a bohemian and charismatic je-ne-sais-quoi to a silhouette that we adore. Go for it!

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