10 May 2021

Go to India with Jérôme Dreyfuss !

The favorite bag designer of Parisian girls takes you on a trip! Well… rather his bags! For summer 2021, Jérôme Dreyfuss is offering a capsule collection “Embroidery silver”, inspired by the south of India. Colors, embroidery, inspirations … it almost seems like it!

Passionate about travel and probably frustrated like all of us at having stayed at home for months (!), Jérôme Dreyfuss decided to take us on a trip this summer. What better idea than to take us all to India? Country of color and embroidery, its capsule collection pays tribute to the multiple skills of this country.

The result? Multicolored, super joyful bags that can be displayed all summer long. The silver lamé leather is enhanced by embroidery with fluorescent and feminine accents. A mixture as explosive as it is fashionable! To make the trip complete, the embroidery of all the bags was done in India, in a traditional workshop in Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry.

Very attached to the quality of its materials, Jérôme Dreyfuss gave an interview to La Grande Boutique on its green commitments and its eco-responsible approaches. It is therefore no surprise that the designer went to meet local Indian crafts to highlight his capsule collection which celebrates this country so rich from a creative point of view.

Three bags complete this capsule collection with sunny accents: the Léon in sizes M, L and XL, available on the La Grande Boutique website.


As a foretaste of summer, we had the idea to prepare an inspirational mood board and a ready-made silhouette to give you ideas. This bag will be the ultimate style of your summer season! Flashy colors, folk, and bohemian embroidery, silvery vegetable leather, an XXL volume to store both your office files and your sunscreens for going to the beach, isn’t that all you dreamed of? Turn up the heat and discover an ideal look to copy without moderation …

moodboard dreyfuss

©La Grande Boutique

Tee Shirt Isabel Marant Etoile Tee Shirt Zewel - Ecru

Swimsuit Isabel Marant Etoile Sonny - Red

Summer is knocking on your door ...

Jérôme Dreyfuss brings summer through the front door! Thanks to this beautiful capsule collection “Embroidery Silver”, put all the chances on your side to be on the side of the light. You are the sun! Haven’t you necessarily planned to go to the beach? Put on a swimsuit anyway, at worst you will end up on a deckchair at your window to tan your thighs. Never say never. Holidays are in the head. Everything can start with a Jérôme Dreyfuss bag, the rest will follow!

To sublimate the colors of the tote, think of complementary colors! Pink and khaki are the best ideas of the season. We fall for this sublime jersey signed Isabel Marant and the army jacket straight out of a military surplus imagined by Ragdoll LA. Silver goes with everything, but with gypset colors, it’s even prettier!

Cherry on the bag? For the launch of the summer capsule “Broderies Silver”, Jérôme Dreyfuss offers you a bracelet to wear all summer, in the same spirit as his bohemian and folk chic bag. One more bond with your favorite designer!

©La Grande Boutique

Swimsuit Isabel Marant Etoile Niall - Red

Shirt Ragdoll LA Surplus Shirt - Army Green

Find the capsule collection on La Grande Boutique

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