24 November 2022


Down jacket, duffle coat, pea coat, shearling or even super trendy checkered coat, the list of coats that make you want is long this season! Difficult to choose among all the models, they are all mega stylish and all keep warm. The criterion? Feeling good, and fulfilling your desire of the moment with pleasure. Let yourself be guided, La Grande Boutique has concocted a selection 100% style, 100% coats.

A chic and basic bathrobe coat by Aning Bing

You have searched for a long time, everywhere, and then hesitated between several models… Now is the time to choose a timeless one, to bet on a safe bet, a piece that will never disappoint you, will follow you for years and will always remain perfect whatever whatever the trends. Please make way for the bathrobe coat signed Anine Bing. Read the rest of the article, but you already have a pearl in your hands (well, on your back, but you know what we mean).

Anine Bing Dylan Coat - Black

Anine Bing Dylan Coat - Black

A large check coat by Isabel Marant

We’ve already told you about it, it’s the trend for checks this season! Why not get started with your coat? Isabel Marant will surely help you make your choice, she has put all her know-how at the service of a super hot oversized coat with XXL checks that will perfectly dress your winter, whether you are more rock, bohemian or even super chic and classic. This is the advantage of large coats, they generally match with everything.

Isabel Marant Etoile Manteau LAURIE - Ecru

Isabel Marant Etoile Coat LAURIE - Ecru

An oversized black puffer jacket by Isabel Marant

There is down jacket and down jacket. Don’t get us wrong. Here, we are talking about down jackets with a fashion look and gussets that give style. We are talking about down jackets that sublimate the silhouette and down jackets that keep you warm while having a crazy style. It’s Isabel Marant who imagined this perfect piece, it’s oversized, it’s black, you’ll wear it with everything, to go to the office, to ski, on weekends, in short, all the time.

Isabel Marant Etoile Manteau FIMO - Black

Isabel Marant Etoile Coat FIMO - Black

A faux fur coat by R13

Do you want extreme comfort and are more in the chilly team? So opt for the faux fur option offered by fashion genius Chris Leba, the creator of the R13 brand. He imagined this coat and believe us, it is more comfortable than your duvet while being probably one of the most stylish pieces in your wardrobe. Thanks to its striking faux fur material and its white color, it gives an immediate boost to any silhouette.

R13 Denim Collection Oversized Zip Hoodie Coat - Ecru

The destroyed duffle coat by R13

If you like classic coat models but are sensitive to the trend, set your sights on this duffle coat revisited by R13. Straight in shape with a hood, it is original thanks to its virgin wool material which gives it a raw plush look that we love. Less first degree than a traditional duffle coat, this model imagined by the American designer will give a sharp and comfortable fashion boost to your dressing room.

R13 Denim Collection Raw Edge Toggle Coat - Camel

R13 Denim Collection Raw Edge Toggle Coat - Camel

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