2 March 2023


It’s one of the coolest collabs of the season, the one that makes us vibrate like never before! Put on one side the designer Anine Bing and her essential basics that we love and on the other, Humberto Cruz, the coolest Californian artist of the moment! That’s it, you have the collab of the season! A capsule collection of a few products from the imagination of the two geniuses, with the superb images of Terry O’Neil’s photographers as support. Discover the products without further delay below and on the La Grande Boutique website (before there are no more!!).

The collaboration between Anine Bing, Terry O'Neil and Humberto Cruz

What is this great collab that we loved at La Grande Boutique? Three creative geniuses have teamed up to give birth to an ultra-desirable collab this season. The result is a capsule collection of sweatshirts and t-shirts featuring the iconic Anine Bing cuts. Above, we find photos of young Elton John taken by Terry O’Neil that Humberto Cruz, a Californian artist, “decorated” in his own way. That’s to say ? He pimped them with small regressive and funny drawings, small hand-drawn animals. It’s unique, slightly wacky, but timeless enough to make you want to wear them every day. In a nutshell, each piece is a must-have. Don’t wait to adopt yours!

Anine Bing Jaci Sweatshirt Ab x To Elton John – Heather Grey

Anine Bing Jaci Sweatshirt Ab x To Elton John – Heather Grey

Anine Bing Harvey Crew Ab x To Elton John – Washed Black

Anine Bing Harvey Crew Ab x To Elton John – Washed Black

Anine Bing Lili Tee Ab x To Elton John – Washed Black

Anine Bing Lili Tee Ab x To Elton John – Washed Black

Terry O'Neil x Anine Bing, a story that lasts

Terry O’Neil is a British photographer who died in 2019, well known for his shots of stars like Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, David Bowie, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Nelson Mandela… If his name tells you surely something, it’s because it’s not the first time that Anine Bing signs a collaboration with her photos! The Scandinavian designer based in California is a fan. In 2019 precisely, she had released a collection of sweatshirts with photos of the famous photographer. The photos were those of a French icon, a certain… Brigitte Bardot!

Anine Bing x Terry O'Neil

photo © Anine Bing

Humberto Cruz, the color sensation made in California

You may never have heard of Humberto Cruz, yet he is one of the coolest illustrators on the California scene right now. His artist name “ISCREAMCOLOUR” is a play on words in English since we hear ice-cream-colour which means ice-color, which represents his childish and regressive side and “I scream Colour”, which literally means “I’m screaming color” as if his job was an emergency, a vital need to distribute color to others. And that’s what it’s all about when you look at his work or his Instagram account.

Humberto Cruz’s work is ultra pop, childlike and spontaneous. In an interview given to World of Good Topia, he says he’s an artist because he can’t let go of his inner child. Positive and deeply joyful, the work of Humberto Cruz can therefore be found on Anine Bing’s t-shirts and can accompany us in our daily lives at any time, and brighten up our lives. It would still be a shame not to jump at the chance!

All of our Anine Bing favorites are on La Grande Boutique

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