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10 May 2021


We can’t live without denim! Jeans are our fashion reflex when we don’t know what to wear, it’s our uniform for good days but it’s also that for days without, it’s our weight barometer, it’s our best friend, it’s also a jacket or shorts that follow us everywhere on vacation, it’s jeans that made all the parties, it’s jeans that saw the first kiss with the man in our life, it’s jeans who landed the job of our dreams, it’s the jeans that go with everything, it’s the jeans of all the craziness. Denim is every day, it’s for life, and here are 15 ways to wear them all the time, but never the same way.

#1 Mid-season jacket

As soon as the temperature rises a little, or to make a beautiful oversized coat even cooler, put on a denim jacket. Whenever you want to break a dress that’s too girly, you think of the denim jacket and when you don’t know what to wear with serious pants? What are we thinking about? Bingo! The ultimate go-to with everything, the denim jacket is really the fashion solution. Think about it …

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Vestes Anine Bing Rory Denim Jacket - Vintage Blue

#2 White denim jacket

As easy to wear as its classic denim cousin, the white denim jacket is a cut above in terms of style. Even more fashionable, we love its soft but charismatic side. Ideal to wear over a bohemian dress in summer, we have fun declining it on all our silhouettes and we realize how white highlights all our prints and other colors. Did that go without saying? Try it, you will see!


Jacket R13 Denim Collection Kelsey Shirring Denim Jacket - Brooke White

#3 The jeans of the collab of the year

Do you love Anine Bing and her rock-solid style? Then you will love her jeans in collab with the model Helena Christensen. The result? High-waisted jeans that sublimate feminine lines, an ode to vintage and allure, in short, what they both love. It goes as well with heels as with a t-shirt found in a thrift store. It’s up to you!

Jeans Anine Bing Kat Jean AB X HC - Light Blue

©La Grande Boutique

#4 The 80s high waisted

Do you agree that you need high-waisted jeans in your closet? When you want to feel more beautiful than anything, for when you want to conquer the world or just when you (also …)watched Dirty Dancing  Anyway, if you have lived until today without knowing Anine Bing’s Sonya jeans, your denim life will change! On the silhouette side, do not throw anything away. T-shirt, denim shirt for a total look, oversized sweatshirt, super stylish blazer, leather jacket, these are THE jeans that will enhance your entire wardrobe!

©La Grande Boutique

Jeans Anine Bing Sonya Jean - Mid Indigo

#5 A skinny rock and that's it

The real ones know, skinny jeans are for life! The one who does that very well is Anine Bing. Rock at heart and passionate about fashion that lasts, she dedicates her jeans to her favorite rockers. Mick in the lead, like her jeans called Jagger. You can not make that up. So to pay him a nice tribute too, we wear it with a very relaxed linen t-shirt and we dare the leather jacket. If you want to play it wiser, you just wear it with boots, it’s also quite possible …

Jeans Anine Bing Jagger Jean - Ash Grey

#6 A 70's flare

If we tell you jean flare, what do you think of? Rather, who are you thinking of? We think of Jane Birkin, in Saint Tropez, we imagine a basket full of fresh fruit, we imagine tanned feet in K. Jacques sandals, grains of sand at the bottom of the pockets, a lace blouse, sunburn in the level of the strap of the swimsuit … can we see that far? Put on the jeans you will see, it will have the same effect on you!

©La Grande Boutique

Jeans Golden Goose Pant Karen

#7 XXL jeans

Why not change your jeans habits and dare to wear XXL jeans which also show traces of paint? Shake up your fashion reflexes and give your relaxed figure a new face. On the look side, we keep basic since the idea is to focus on comfort. T-shirt, lounge sweatshirt and timeless sneakers will be your best allies.

Jeans Golden Goose Breezy Bleached/Paint

©La Grande Boutique

#8 Soft jeans

On the casual side, Isabel Marant is the queen to know how to draw what it takes! When it comes to denim, she is also the one who often guesses what we want. Mix the two … it gives the soft jeans! New for the season, soft jeans are halfway between pants and jeans, giving even more reasons to love them. How to wear it? With soft boots and a bohemian blouse for a total look worthy of the designer or with sneakers or a t-shirt if you want to be 100% in the idea of ​​comfort …

©La Grande Boutique

Trousers Isabel Marant Etoile Muardo

#9 Le jean blanc

How can you approach summer without having white jeans in your closet? Seems impossible to you, right? We agree. If you are up for thinking outside the box, opt for this model designed by Chris Leba, the creator of the R13 brand. Extra-large, it offers a new approach to femininity and style. To wear in a total white look with a linen t-shirt and K. Jacques sandals or with sneakers and a printed blouse or with a denim jacket and a sweatshirt etc (the list is endless!)

Jeans R13 Denim Collection Wide Leg - Holden White


#10 White denim shorts

Close your eyes. That’s it you are on vacation and tomorrow first hour in the morning you leave for your dreamy destination. In your suitcase: sunscreen, the book you haven’t had time to open all year, your favorite swimsuit and … your white denim shorts! What would your summer be without white denim shorts? Highlighted by a striped men’s shirt or an oversized sweatshirt, it is the symbol of summer!


Shorts R13 Denim Collection Short - Holden White

#11 Harem jeans

You thought you would never see these two words joined together, and yet … R13 did it! Adored jeans from blogger Audrey Lombard, these jeans are on their way to becoming the jeans of the year! Model with an inimitable style, harem jeans are a great alternative to adopt a casual style. As for the look, we wear it with a romantic blouse and sneakers like the blogger and we found our uniform for a while …

©Instagram Audrey Lombard

Jeans R13 Denim Permanent Tailored Drop Denim - Bain Blue

#12 Crossover jeans, a must-have

A true star amongst jeans, the Crossover jeans are a staple in the denim family. Best-seller of the R13 Jeans brand, it is as versatile as it is charismatic thanks to its asymmetrical clasp which gave it its name of “crossover”, which means “crossed, overlapped” in English. We got everything we need! Wear it like it’s special jeans, but every day with a different style. As if they were your favorite jeans, after all. One day with a shirt, the next day with a sweatshirt, the next day with a jacket, then a jacket etc. You will not be able to do without it. The good news is that it’s also available in grey.

Jeans R13 Denim Permanent Crossover Jean - Jasper

©La Grande Boutique

#13 Crossover shorts

What’s better than denim shorts as summer approaches? R13 denim shorts that offer a different style, an asymmetrical clasp so a necessarily cooler look. Variation of the “Crossover” jeans these denim shorts are as frayed as it takes to give a bohemian look to our legs. Sandals, sneakers, boots, let your imagination run wild!

©La Grande Boutique

Shorts R13 Denim Permanent Crossover Short

#14 Un boyfriend

In the denim family, we ask for the boyfriend! An essential member of the jean wardrobe, the boyfriend no longer needs to prove we need him. Its advantages? It goes with everything, and is suitable for all body types, even if we have been wanted to believe the opposite for a long time. Its oversized shape flatters and lengthens the silhouette so we have a blast. To emphasize the waist, we put on a beautiful belt. To highlight your bust, wear a very unbuttoned shirt, etc. There is something for everyone!

Jeans R13 Denim Permanent Boyfriend

©La Grande Boutique

#15 Flared jeans

We like to change our habits, we like to be jostled, to be surprised, and sometimes to say to ourselves “oh but that’s beautiful!”. This is exactly what will happen to you when you put on these Kick Fit jeans from R13. Close to the body, it hugs the shape before widening to finish flared at the ankles. A slightly modernized je ne sais quoi that we love. These are the jeans that you shouldn’t miss, the ones that will give you self-confidence when the good weather comes back, that you will want novelty, lightness, denim every day. Jeans, in other words.

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Jeans R13 Denim Permanent Kick Fit - Dark Moon

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